Why You Should Consider Adding A FAQ Page

FAQ pages are the norm on most Australian websites, providing answers to customers’ questions. They’re not just for aesthetics — they improve business conversions, trust and confidence. Every website should include an FAQ page.

The Benefits of a Website FAQ’s page

1) Quick answers

FAQs are another way to have customer support on your site. They can help with any questions that your customers may be having and provide a quick answer to certain questions for them.

FAQ are a simple way for your customers to find the answer on their own time. Studies have shown that FAQ can save as much as 60% of your time by decreasing the number of inquiries you get per day.

2) Decreased bounce rate

If your FAQ contains the answer to what a customer is looking for, they will be more inclined to buy from your site. A lot of customers leave a website when they can’t find solutions to their questions. By providing this information with certainty, you increase the chance of a sale or inquiry.

If they’re looking for delivery times, then it is a conversion factor when the FAQs answer their question.

3) Customer service

If you have an FAQ section on your website, your customers will be able to find their answers right away. Studies show that fewer people abandon an online purchase if they have found the information they were looking for.

4) FAQ’s can improve your SEO

Adding FAQ’s to each main page of your site will help with online rankings. Adding FAQ’s may result in rich snippet displays on Google which means your website will have more real estate on Google. As of March 21, Google likes well written FAQ’s and will display these under your website.

A detailed answer can rank for long-tail keywords, which will help rank for more keywords.

5) improve site structure and navigation

Implementing a FAQ in the side bar area will increase user click-through rates. A detailed, custom FAQ page will also drive customers to various sections of the website. This is a valuable customer retention strategy and improves crawlability for Google.

6) You become the authority

One way to be an authority in your industry is to create a comprehensive FAQ section. Customers will appreciate the work you put into it, especially if they have specific questions and can get them answered.

7) Less Customer Service Calls

Frequently Asked Questions provides answers to basic questions quickly, which helps when dealing with tire kickers.

You could save time by letting your customers answer their own questions and not have to invest in customer service agents.

All of this enables your customer service department to focus on urgent and more pressing issues.

8) Be better than the competition

To be more professional and authoritative, you need to add more informative content to your website. Including an FAQ section can make for a powerful marketing tool to impress potential clients because it shows you have the answers to most questions.

9) Helps reduce bounce rates

Keeping your FAQs updated and including important information on them can lead to more time spent on your site, which can help you rank better in Google.

Frequently Asked Questions pages are very powerful and can help both customers and your business. By using this strategy as an opportunity for sales and marketing, you can really take advantage of it.

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