Signs that it’s time to redesign your website

Now is a great time to rebrand your website. During COVID-19, when business confidence, sales and inquiries are down, it’s hard to justify spending the time and expense. But now, you have an opportunity to boost your website with a complete overhaul, refresh and a new lease of life.

  1. The staff photo is a sign that’s it’s time to redesign

Older staff photos may signify that your business is outdated and disinterested in its image. Remove old staff photos over two or three years old, and replace them with new, current pictures of your team.

  1. Is your website mobile-friendly?

In order to be more user-friendly, designers have made sure that websites will render well on mobile devices. If a website is not rendering correctly on your small businesses site or is not mobile responsive, take action and make the necessary adjustments. Notably, Google indexes and promotes websites that are mobile friendly with better search rankings than those who are not.

  1. If your website takes too long to load

If your site takes longer than a few seconds to load, it is time to consider either upgrading it or doing a total overhaul. If your current site is a few years old, you should optimize all images and pictures in order to speed up the download times. Slow download times are detrimental to many aspects of your website, including the Google rankings, which makes optimization a priority. You can time it yourself and see how long pages take to load. If you are waiting this is not a good sign.

  1. You’ve changed your logo

To send a clear message to your customer base, you must put more time into branding your business. When you change the logo or brand, make sure your website reflects these changes with new messaging.

  1. Your Site Doesn’t Rank Well On Google

No one can tell you exactly what Google is looking for when you rank on Google. However, it is known that if your website has outdated content or lacks reliable information, Google won’t rank it high. The best way to rank higher on Google is to make sure your site stays fresh with new graphics and updated content.

  1. No ‘call to action’ buttons

It is necessary to have call to action buttons available to customers so that they can contact you, know about specials, find new products and know about prices. If these features are not readily available then one should ask for the help of an agency with qualifications in user experience and high conversion landing pages.

  1. Your site is over 4 years old

Upgrading your website with changes in consumer expectations, web trends, and Google’s standards will make it a more user-friendly platform. Your site will then need to be updated less often as the content becomes current and engaging for the viewer.

  1. Broken links

After deleting a page, it could have become hard to find. You may not know that when you deleted this page from your website, there might be pages that automatically had links to it. For example, if you would’ve deleted the “About Us” section on your homepage, then any other pages on the site that link to this will also have been deleted. Additionally, you could end up hurting your Google ranking because of this.

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